Beach Kamenovo

Kamenovo - a small rustic tourist place at the beginning of the Sveti Stefan Riviera, located between Bečići and Pržno, in the municipality of Budva.

The Kamenovo beach is one of the most attractive beaches on the Sveti Stefan Riviera. It is about 330 meters long. The coast is sandy, as is the sea bottom, which gives the crystal clear water an unusual, sometimes turquoise, sometimes azure tone.

Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach

Just a few kilometers from Budva, the beautiful Jaz beach appears before the eyes of travelers in all its splendor. It is one of the three longest beaches on the Montenegrin coast and certainly one of the most beautiful.

Jaz Beach is about 2.5 kilometers from Budva in the direction of Kotor and Tivat. It has two parts, one about 800 meters long and the other about 400 meters long. The total area of the beach is 22,500 m2.

In its hidden eastern part, under the hill, sheltered from strong south winds or summer breezes, hospitality facilities are hidden in the natural shade of Mediterranean trees whose leaves have the scent of salt.

The gravel beach with sandy parts in the water is popular with many tourists from Budva, but also from the Bay of Kotor. Jaz Beach is surrounded by untouched nature, so all true nature lovers don't miss the opportunity to stay at the auto-camp, which is extremely popular here.

In 2015, the leading world tourist guide, Lonely Planet, declared Jaz Beach the best European beach. If you haven't had the opportunity yet, visit Jaz and maybe choose it for your next destination because once you visit it, it's hard to resist its charm

Sveti Nikola Island

The island of Saint Nicholas is located in the Adriatic Sea, just one kilometer away from the Slovenian beach in Budva. The journey to the island is very interesting, and you can see many interesting things, so we advise you to bring your camera. You can see a beautiful view of the sea, coastal towns and villages - Petrovac, Przno, beaches - Becici, Mogren, Kamenovo; on the right side, you can see the Old Town and its high stone walls with the bell tower; on the left side, you can see the island of Saint Stefan; from all sides, you can see magnificent mountains, and in front of you will appear the island of Saint Nicholas.

On the island, there is a small church dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, after whom the island is named. When you reach your destination, you will be greeted by clear and transparent sea, clean beaches, and the enjoyment of the sea, peace, and the Mediterranean.

Getting to the island is easy. Various boats, speedboats, and ships go to the island every half hour or hour. Tickets can be purchased on the beach, at the port, or directly on the boat.

The prestigious American magazine "Forbs" included the Budva island of Saint Nicholas on its prestigious list of "Nine Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe to Visit.

Drobni Pijesak Beach

It is located near Sveti Stefan, 12km from Budva and 7km from Petrovac. It is about 250 meters long. It is located in a natural environment, still untouched by construction and surrounded by olive groves, forest belts, and rocks that obscure the view of Budva and the surrounding areas. All you can see is the blue sea and the blue sky. On the beach itself, a stream with spring water flows into the sea, where the water is always colder than a few meters away.

They say that what is most hidden has the greatest value, and mystique. This beach is definitely one of the most hidden in Montenegro because it is in the middle of nowhere, although it is extremely close to the two busiest tourist centers. The most significant thing is the perfectly clean water (it has a blue flag), thanks precisely to the distance from nearby places. The diversity of sand is impressive, from the finest white and yellow sand to larger pebbles and huge rocks, depending on which zone of the beach you are in.

To enjoy it, we have to make an effort, and we believe that Drobni Pijesak deserves more than that. Perfect sea cleanliness, untouched nature, and blue color, amenities, lack of crowds (even in the busiest period), and the experience you will have are something that sets this beach apart from others.


Hotel "Vile Oliva" is located only 80 meters from the beach in the beautiful old Adriatic town of Petrovac, which belongs to the Budva Riviera.

Surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation, among 140 holy olive trees that are over 400 years old, it provides guests with peace and enjoyment in a complex of 11 villas and a central building.

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